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Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.
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George Morris			:	C-00923820
    and				:
Office of Consumer Advocate,	:
		Intervenor	:
    and				:
Leon R. Dongelewicz		:	C-00924012
    and				:
Samuel Rizzo			:	C-00924186
	V.			:
Oneida Water Company		:


	By letter of December 9, 1992 the attorney-of-record 

for the above-captioned Respondent wrote a letter requesting a 

two month moratorium of further proceedings in the above-

captioned matters.  A copy of said letter is hereto annexed as 

Appendix "A".  By letter of December 10, 1992 the Office of 

Consumer Advocate wrote a similar letter, requesting a thirty day 

moratorium.  A copy of said letter is hereto annexed as Appendix 

"B".  These letters were written in response to a request by the 

undersigned made "on the record" at a pre-hearing conference in 

Scranton, Pennsylvania on December 3, 1992, at which time all 

parties were requested to advise on or before December 10, 1992 

their position concerning such a moratorium.

	The Oneida Water Company is in bankruptcy; it is in the 

process of securing financing, and has received a conditional


letter of commitment from a lender to lend funds sufficient to 

enable Respondent to upgrade its facilities so as to eliminate 

service problems.  The loan commitment is to Respondent's parent 

company, C.B.G. Limited.  A copy of the letter from bankruptcy 

counsel to the attorney-of-record in the instant case which 

better details the said loan transaction is annexed hereto as 

Appendix "C".  Respondent will not know for at least a month if 

those funds will be forthcoming.  Even after the loan is 

finalized, Respondent will need time to either withdraw its 

Petition in Bankruptcy or to obtain the approval of the 

Bankruptcy Court for expenditure of these funds for the purposes 

stated herein.

	For the foregoing reasons we now enter the following 


	That there will be a moratorium of sixty days from this 

instant date, during which time the parties will attempt to 

amicably resolve questions regarding a plan of action for the 

improvement of Respondent's system to eliminate service problems; 

and during which time Resnondent is requested to exercise maximum 

efforts to finalize the loan transaction as more specifically 

outlined in Appendix "C" attached to this order.

Date December 15, 1992     		/s/
				  	Administrative Law Judge


George Morris et al v. Oneida water Company
C-00923820 et al

		Service of the foregoing document was made on December
15, 1992 via first-class mail upon the following parties:

		John J. Sellinger, Esquire
		Mattioni, Mattioni & Mattioni
		399 Market Street, 2nd Floor
		Philadelphia, PA 19106

		Susan Jin Davis, Esquire
		Christine Maloni Hoover, Esquire
		Office of Consumer Advocate
		1425 Strawberry Square
		Harrisburg, PA 17120
		George Morris
		626 Lake Valley Drive
		Valley of Lakes
		P. O. Box 242
		Nuremberg, PA 18241

		Leon R. Dongelewicz
		Cheyney Drive, Lot D70
		P. O. Box 204
		Nuremberg, PA 18241

		Samuel Rizzo
		C-28 Lake View Drive
		Valley of Lakes
		Nuremberg, PA 18241

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.

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