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Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.
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Valley of Lakes Letterhead

				uly 25, 1991

Helen Phillips
P.O. Box 133
Nuremberg, PA 18241

	Re: Proposed Pig Roast, Sunday, July 28, 1991

Dear Mrs. Phillips:

	Mr. Cedrone has brought to my attention the above-noted event, 
which I understand is being sponsored by the "Valley of Lakes Civic 

	I would like to begin by stating that we highly encourage the use 
of all of our recreational facilities.  This is, of course, why we 
invested in them and why many owners live here.  The Covenants and 
Restrictions of the Valley of Lakes and Eagle Rock Resort are written to 
preserve what we are working so diligently to create and to insure the 
safety and equitable use and availability of all of our recreational 
facilities for all property owners.

	While you are a property owner held in high regard with all the 
privileges available to you, the "Valley of Lakes Civic Association" is 
not a property owner.  The event being planned is a commercial event 
being planned in a recreational facility by a non-property owner and is, 
therefore, not permitted under the Covenants and Restrictions, which 
each property owner agreed to comply with when they purchased property here.

	Property owners who wish to have a gathering at a recreational 
facility may apply for a permit for over 25 people and it will be freely 
granted.  Applications should be made through Thomas Marnell, our 
Community Services Manager.  The purpose of this application is not to 
inconvenience the property owner, but to insure the following:

	1.  The event will not prevent other property owners from 
	    use and enjoyment of the same recreational facility.
	2.  The Rules and Regulations can be reviewed for clarity 
	    and understanding, such as:
	    a.  no alcoholic beverages
	    b.  proper security
	    c.  proper insurance coverage is in-place

Helen Phillips
July 25, 1991
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	    d.  a Liability Waiver is signed
	    e.  no form of commerce is bbing used to charge and/or
	        profit from our property owners.  Prevention of 
	        commercial solicitation is a primary advantage of living 
	        in a secure community, whether it be initiated by public 
	        businesses or property owners.
	    f.  proper clean-up of the site
	3.  The Valley of Lakes recreation department may be 
	    utilized to enhance the event.

	The use of the picnic pavillion by large groups must be permitted 
and reservations made in advance.  To date, we have received no such 
request by a property owner for the above-noted event.

	Tom Marnell has instructions from Mr. Cedrone and myself to use all 
of his resources to encourage, promote and insure the success of 
property owner gatherings and events.  You will find him receptive to 
suggestions and ideas and most capable of coordinating events, which 
should involve other departments, including such events as a "pig 

	While Mr. Cedrone and I would both like to bend the rules on 
occasion for individuals such as yourself, I hope you understand why we 
cannot.  We must be consistent for all property owners and, in this 
case, we are specifically referring to a non-property owner and a 
commercial event.

	We have been advised by our legal counsel that we can, and we will, 
press legal charges against each individual involved in the public 
promotion and organization of this unauthorized event as well as the 
organization known as the Valley of Lakes Civic Association and its 
officers, should this event take place.  We will also suspend all rights 
to use any recreational facilities owned and operated by C.B.G. Limited, 
Valley of Lakes and Eagle Rock Resort to these same individuals.

	While we are disheartened by this unnecessary adversarial position 
we must be concerned with the entire population of Valley of Lakes and 
not the few who want to do things their way.  We would have been and 
still are more than willing to take responsibility for this type of 
event for everyone's enjoyment.

I would be very happy to meet with you personally to discuss this 
further if you wish.


				Wane F. Guidotti
				Director of Operations


cc:	Frank M. Cedrone
	Thomas Marnell
	John Mattioni, Esquire

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.

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