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Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.
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			    C.B.G., LIMITED
		            ONEIDA WATER CO.
			     P.O. BOX 673
		          NUREMBERG, PA 18241

July 15, 1993

M/M Frank Rachubinski
PO Box 137
Oneida, PA 18242

Re: Application for Pig Roast

Dear M/M Rachubinski:

	The application you executed recently for a Pig Roast has been 
reviewed.  Unfortunately, since the application was in the name of 
an entity (VOLCA) that does not own property in the Valley in its 
name and therefore is not an owner in good standing, a permit for 
use has been denied.

	If you or other owners wish to conduct a Pig Roast for Property 
Owners in Good Standing, please submit an application as soon as 
possible.  This procedure is consistent with CBG, Limited's 
requirements in 1991 and 1992.

1.  Please be advised applicant's must be in good standing and 
    personally responsible.
2.  The Roast would have to be held at the Picnic Pavilion with 
    restroom available - not at Swim & Tennis Club.
3.  Notice must be mailed to owners correcting previous mailings 
    indicating erroneous sponsorship.  CBG, Limited has required
    this.  If no mailing is done, CBG will send notice canceling 
    event.  CBG must review notice prior to mailing to assure no 
    self-serving statements are made by unauthorized sponsor 
4.  Only property owners in good standing may attend.  This must be 
    clearly stated in advertisements.
5.  Fees to cover additional security and deposits must be received 
    in advance.
6.  The function will be open "to all property owners in good 
    standing" with no reference whatsoever to VOLCA.

				Per C.B.G., Limited

				Raymond F. Stanford
				Managing Agent

P.S. Endlosed please find an application form - please complete it
     and forward to the Managing Agent at PO Box 673, Nuremberg, PA

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.

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