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Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.
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First Eastern Bank Letterhead

Dear Customer:

	As announced, First Eastern Corp. and PNC Bank Corp. have 
entered into a definitive agreement for PNC Bank to acquire 
First Eastern.  The transfer is subject to approval by various 
regulatory agencies and First Eastern shareholders.  It is 
expected to be completed in the first half of 1994.

	On completion of the merger, First Eastern will become a 
part of PNC Bank, N.A., and operate as part of its Northeast 
Pennsylvania market.  First and foremost, this transfer will be 
accomplished without any interruption to your service.  Eventu-
ally, you will be able to enjoy expanded products and services 
through a larger network of branch offices in this region and 
everywhere PNC Bank operates.  More detailed information will 
be provided as the time nears.

	Meanwhile, we would like to assure you that First Eastern 
remains committed to serving all your financial needs, whether 
it is for a loan or a certificate of deposit.  Also, you may 
continue to use your present checks, deposit tickets, loan pay-
ment coupons, and MACŪ ATM card.

	Please remember that all of us at First Eastern value your 
business and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you.  If 
you have any questions about this information, please call or 
visit your First Eastern office.  As always, we'll be very happy 
to help you.


			Frederick A. Deal
			President and
			Chief Executive Officer

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.

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