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Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.
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		      7 Cross Bow Court
		   Commack, New York 11725

May 18, 1990

Bureau of Consumer Protection
Attorney General
358 State Office Building
100 Lackawanna Avenue
Scranton, PA 18503

RE:	Valley of Lakes/Ciccozzi Ccnstruction Company, Inc.


	My wife and I purchased property located in Hazelton 
County, Pennsylvania from Valley of Lakes, with the 
intention of having a home built so that we could retire 
to that community.

	At the suggestion of Valley of Lakes we entered into 
a contract with Ciccozzi Construction Co.. Inc., to build 
our home.  We applied and were approved by 1st Eastern 
Bank in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania for a construction loan 
with five (5) payments to Ciccozzi Construction Co., Inc., 
with one of those payments to Valley of Lakes as a 
"start-up fee" in the sum of $12,000.00. We were informed 
by the bank that we have only six (6) months within which 
to complete the construction of our home or we would be 
facing penalties.

	The plans for our home were submitted to the Control 
Committee representing Valley of Lakes by Ciccozzi 
Construction Co., Inc., for approval and the issuance of a 
permit so that construction could begin.  I was informed 
by Mr, Frank Cedrone and his associates on April 24, 1990, 
that "No architectural plans submitted to Control 
Committee that show Dean Ciccozzi as General Contractor 
will be approved."

	It appears that a dispute between Valley of Lakes and 
Ciccozzi Construction Co., Inc., is causing a delay in the 
construction of my home, which in turn will cause problems 
and penalties for me with my bank.  I am also concerned
about the possible loss of materials and the security of 
my house package delivered to the site, and maintaining 
two mortgage payments while this dispute continues.

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May 18, 1990

RE:	Valley of Lakes/Ciccozzi Construction Company, Inc.

	I enclose herewith a copy of correspondence received 
by me from Valley of Lakes dated May 11, 1990, which sets 
forth the reasons for the delay in the construction of my

	Page two of Valley of Lakes' letter item 3, does 
state that the construction of my home can be completed, 
but is conditional upon Ciccozzi Construction Co., Inc., 
correcting the violations and deficiencies that exist 
within seven days of the date of the letter.

	To the best of my knowledge Ciccozzi Construction 
Co,, Inc,, has no intention of correcting the violations 
in a timely manner.

	I would like to know if your office could look into 
this matter and advise me what steps I should take to 
expedite the construction of my home.

	Thank you for your help in this matter,

				Yours truly,

			/s/	___________________
				Alvin Johnston

cc:	Valley of Lakes and
	 Eagle Rock Resort
	Ciccozzi Construction Co, Inc.
	Lindal Cedar Homes
	Gabe Alessi 1st Eatern Bank

Valley of Lakes RICO Class Action against PNCBANK, et al.

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